If you are like most residents of Massachusetts and starting to consider moving down to Florida or maybe just closer to the city, we can help you with any South Shore moving help you need. The goal is to tell let residents know what they should be considering when moving to, from or within the south shore. Whether you are a student, starting a family or waving to the kids as they head to University - if you are moving we have got you covered!

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The south shore of Massachusetts is one of the best places to live. Boston within an hour, the beach within an hour, excellent hiking in the Blue Hills and day trips to the Cape, Newport, and NYC make this an amazing place to live. However, there are a few things to consider before moving here:

1. The houses are all on the older side. Expect to be a weekend warrior fixing the roof, mold you found in the basement, pests. Homes on the south shore always seem to need work done.

2. The taxes on the south shore are outrageous. Compared to other states, taxes and fees required to live in on the South Shore are much higher than average.

3. The traffic can get intense. If there is an accident on 27 or 95 or god forbid a game in Foxboro, traffic can get gnarly and you can be sitting for hours. This is especially true on the good beach days on 93 and 3 north/south from Boston to Marshfield. 

4. Most of Massachusetts offers school systems in the top 10% of the United States. The south shore is severely lacking in the education department. There are quite a few stand-out students but overall the schools on the south shore are not comparable to Middlesex County in MA.


There are many movers from the south shore that flood google with their fake reviews and fake locations. Before you move anywhere on the south shore, please check out this Boston moving scam alert so you can have a great experience moving. Some things to ask your movers prior to hiring:
  • Are you affiliated with a third party? Brokers, Franchises should be avoided as you never know who will come move your items
  • How long have you been in business? Many companies claim 20 years on their website but frankly they shut down old companies when the claims get too high and open under a new name. We suggest Mastodon Moving or New Generation Moving. These  companies have been providing the best moving services to MA for over 25 years.
  • What are the extra fees? Some companies charge for gas, mileage, shrink wrap even tape! Find out all extra fees in advance.

Learn more about moving long distance.
If you need to find movers nearby on the south shore, you can also use Movers Near Me to find a comprehensive list of every moving company in MA.

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