Top 3 South Shore Moving Companies

 Having been a resident of Boston's south shore for many years, our readers trust us when looking for relocation advice to, from or within the south shore of Massachusetts.  Our family lives, plays, works and eats here and have heard word of mouth reviews from the entire south shore.  Here are our picks for the top South Shore Moving Companies:

south shore movers

1. MASTODON MOVING - This company has been getting it done locally for the past 15 years. You can read about the Mastodon Moving team and why they really are the best local moving company in the south shore. In a world where moving companies want you to fill out inventories and walk through your house with your phone, this team really believes in the old school way of moving. Starting with an actual on-site estimate ( unheard of these days), you will likely encounter Dave, an English bloke with the patience of a saint. He will guide you through your move and what it will entail. Alan and Connor in operations do an amazing job making sure each crew is well prepared and can handle any moving situation. Sean in the warehouse will make sure your items are inventoried and taken care of if you need moving and storage. The owner, a Quincy resident, is dedicated to serving the community and a part of many local organizations and clubs. Learn more about movers near me.

2. MOVERS NEAR ME - Movers Near Me is the brainchild of 2 prominent high end moving companies on the East Coast. You can find their staff performing moves on the south shore that require a higher skill set.  Sarah and Paul Taylor have built Movers Near Me into a one-stop-shop for all moving needs on the south shore. Looking for south shore movers that can pack, or store your things overnight? Movers Near Me. Looking for movers that can easily get your 15 room mansion packed loaded and delivered in one day? Movers Near Me. Looking for overnight storage in Boston for a massive bridge loan deal? Movers Near Me. You get the gist - they do it all. Movers Near Me in the South Shore is a family-owned moving company with more than two decades of experience operating in Boston and the surrounding area. Its professional staff members are trained, licensed, and fully insured to carefully handle personal and commercial items from homes, offices, apartments, and businesses. Estimates and consultations are free. Local and long-distance moving packages include loading, unloading, and packing.

3. MONSTER MOVERS - Monster Movers almost didn't make the list due to some pretty rough reviews over the years but under new ownership, Kaya Pendragon is expected to turn this company around and has already done so with only 6 months behind her.  Her story is amazing - she's a student from Northeastern and witnessed domestic violence throughout her childhood. Eager to make a difference she started Monster Movers and they do moves for domestic violence victims for free and anonymously.  She donates 2% of all profits to local shelters on top of that. is a licensed local and long distance moving company. They provide residential, commercial, and office moves. Employees are trained in unpacking, furniture disassembly and reassembly, and custom crating and packaging for fragile items, fine art, marble, or antiques. Furniture is wrapped in blankets to prevent damage, and staff members create an itemized inventory for residential customers. A team of professional residential and office movers handle moving services to minimize downtime and set up new locations.

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