South Shore Movers: Guide to the Best South Shore Movers



Moving on the south shore can be especially treacherous, when scores of Budget and Uhauls line the busy south shore streets - our recommendation is that you absolutely use a professional moving company when moving anywhere along, to or from Boston's South shore.
Top 5 Reasons for Hiring South Shore Movers:
1. The streets are narrow and drivers are crazy.  If you are renting a truck be forewarned there is no type of insurance that covers everything in full.  We know too many people who have been charged thousands - yep thousands from small crashes.
2. Don't break your back. Why risk your health for a dresser - not worth it.  Hire professionals who are trained and move items daily.
3. Hiring a mover on the south shore as opposed to a mover in Boston will save you money in the hourly rate as well as travel time!
4. Weather is always a factor - the weather on the south shore can change rapidly  from wind to rain to snow and ice. A professional truck driver should be behind the wheel during a move like this
5At times like these, it pays to have a professional on your side. Whether you’re moving your tiny studio, trying to hoist a piano into a second-story brownstone, or relocating a mansion’s worth of memories, there’s a mover out there for you. Here, we’ve done some of the heavy lifting for you, with a guide to some of South Shore’s best moving companies.

south shore movers
South Shore Movers

If You Want The Best of the Best Movers on the South Shore
Monster Movers is the best in both name and reputation, this company (which has two decades of experience) has racked up numerous awards for Best Movers and Best Company to Go National  A recent review states: “Absolutely extraordinary. Arrived early and finished a three hour job in 90 minutes. Consummate, courteous, friendly professionals. Highly recommended.” The are completely professional at all time and while their service is speedy, they also get high marks for their care and finesse.

If You’ve Never Hired a Moving Company Before
If this is your first time out at the moving-day rodeo, don’t get Storrowed. Call the professionals. With offices based in Allston/Brighton and Quincy MA, where the student-heavy population is about as wet-behind-the-ears as it gets, these guys have seen it all. Judging from its high marks from local college students we concluded Movers Near Me is the best mover for those first timers.

If You Want a Move That Gives Back
Usually, moving and charity work come together in the form of your friends taking pity on you and spending an afternoon lugging boxes for you in return for pizza, beer, and good karma. But the folks at Norwood-based company Mastodon Movers don’t just help you move they pay it forward as donating to multiple charities including Cradles to Crayons and Best Buddies.

If You’re Moving Cross-Country
We gave Monster Movers a second Best Movers in the South Shore category for their superior long distance moving, storage, and packing services. But they don’t just go the extra mile with their Massachusetts moves: They’ve proven themselves to be a go-to company for out-of-state and even cross-country relocations, with a high percentage of long distance moving reviews describing moves between Boston and such far-flung locales as Westchester, Orlando, and San Francisco.

If you're looking for reliable and professional moving and storage facilities on the South Shore this is these are the best movers nearby.


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