Movers South Shore MA

Movers South Shore MA

There are literally dozens of movers along the south shore of MA.  For those who lack time ( and energy) to research through dozens of moving company searches and websites, you will find this quick guide to Movers on the South Shore a big help:

1.  Movers on the South Shore can pretty much be grouped into three categories
     A.  Van Lines - companies that operate under van line authority - these companies pay approximately 25% to their van line per move.  I find the service of van lines on the South Shore compromised because of this.
     B.  Rogue Movers - Movers who post their company on google and whenever they get a move they rent a truck or use a rusty old blank truck because they don't have a real license.
     C.  Professional Movers - Movers on the South Shore that you can actually trust are pretty hard to find.  

What you need to know:  Hire professional movers on the South Shore that are not affiliated with a van line, have their own full time labor and do not sell your move.  

2.  Hire a mover on the South Shore with a brick and mortar location on the South Shore!  If you hire a mover from Boston, the Cape etc.  you may be charged a premium for travel time to and from your location.  Your South Shore mover should give you a flat rate for travel time.  South Shore Movers will also know back roads and have a better knowledge of the area so your time is not wasted.

movers south shore ma
Movers South Shore MA

3.  Coverage your move should be included in your moving estimate.  Any good movers on the South Shore should offer full replacement value coverage.  Just the fact that they do is a good sign that they trust their moving crews.  

South Shore Moving Resources:

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